Import Data from Alternative Sources


This functionality does not yet exist

The Tapis platform enables management of multiple storage systems representing different hosts under the same tenant namespace. Data can be moved efficiently directly between hosts (storage systems).

Import Files from other Systems

To import data from other storage systems, e.g. from the community data space to your private data space, use tapis files import:

$ tapis files import agave://community-data/public_file.txt  /

With the above syntax, the file located at the root directory on the community-data storage system will be imported to your private storage system, and placed in your directory destination_folder.

Please also note that even though you are able to import files from other Tapis storage systems, you may not always need to import those files. Most applications of Tapis will allow you to provide the complete URI path to the file, e.g. agave://community-data/public_file.txt. This is useful, for example, in the case of large reference libraries. Pointing to the remote libraries rather than copying them saves time and disk space.

Import Files from the Web

You can also import files from the web using the URL. This is useful to import files that are not part of an existing Tapis storage system:

$ tapis files import \